Teaser and Premiere Schedule of his New Episode ‘Telepathy’ 2022 #Celebrity

The moment that ARMY waited for is very close, RUN BTS! It returns with a new episode and it will test how well the group members know each other, find out when and where to watch the episode.

Several months ago, BigHit announcement that they would pause RUN BTS! Because the idols would be busy with the Permission To Dance On Stage concerts, after that came the comeback preparations, but now we will finally see more of this variety show.

The members of BTS will premiere a new episode of this program that has made ARMY laugh over and over again. The announcement excited the fandom of this K-Pop group, but now the energy has risen to the maximum because we can already take a look at the previews of what we will see in the episode.

Keep reading and discover everything that happened in the teaser by RUN BTS! As well as the details of the date and times of the premiere.

RUN BTS reveals its new intro and first images of the next episodes

The new episode of RUN BTS! It bears the name of Telepathy Part 0 and a video with progress shows us how much fun it will be. In the first shots, the boys say that since they have spent so much time together, they know each other perfectly.

However, when they start to ask them questions, they all seem confused and totally bewildered, not knowing what answer to give or failing on several occasions. oops! Will they be able to pass the test? Pay close attention to the clip, as you will also get to see the new intro that ARMY predicted in advance.

When does the RUN BTS special premiere? Schedules for each country

The chapter opens next Tuesday, August 16 and the schedules not only vary depending on the country, but also the platform where you will see the chapter. Below you will find when to watch RUN BTS! On V Live and Weverse, if you want to watch it on YouTube, you just have to add 2 hours. Remember that it will be available within the BANGTAN TV channel.

  • 06:00 AM Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica
  • 07:00 AM Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • 08:00 AM Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Chile, Cuba, Paraguay
  • 09:00 AM Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil
  • 02:00 PM Spain

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