Telegram Stated About Shock Allegations of An Anonymous User on Twitter

Telegram: On Twitter, a user named @adyingnobody shared a long string of tweets claiming to explain a number of crimes, including crypto influencers and prominent investors in the space. Telegram said in a statement that the allegations in question “has all the features of a scam” told.

The allegations of an anonymous user named @adyingnobody on Twitter resonated in the crypto community. Sharing a long series of tweets, the user said that he had downloaded more than 100 GB of messages by exploiting a vulnerability in Telegram, and that these messages belonged to the leading names, projects and phenomena of the crypto world. In the messages, he claimed that there was a wide range of crimes from rape to assassination.

Saying that he will make the disclosure gradually, the user also shared many details, such as what type of messages he will publish on what dates.

Telegram Made a Statement

A spokesperson from Telegram made a statement on the subject and said that the incident in question had all the hallmarks of a scam. The company also said that the thread of tweets may be aimed at people downloading some malware that steals private keys.

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