Tesla Under Investigation After Crash That Killed 3 People

Tesla: After the accident in California, Tesla was again under investigation for autopilot. The Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating more than 30 accidents involving Tesla cars. In the crash that took place in Newport, California on May 12, the Tesla car crashed into construction equipment on the sidewalk, killing three passengers. As a result of the accident in which all three construction workers were taken to the hospital, the police did not give any information about whether the accident was caused by the autopilot. However, The Wall Street Journal stated that the accident prompted NHTSA to launch a new investigation.


Tesla uses misleading marketing tactics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has more than 30 crashes under investigation. All of these crashes involve the autopilots of Tesla devices. Tesla only offers a level 2 driver assistance system and the company recommends that drivers never take their hands off the wheel, but autopilot issues still seem to have plagued the company. NHTSA launched a general investigation into autopilots in August. The National Transportation Safety Board has stated that Tesla’s “self-driving” marketing tactics are misleading and irresponsible, causing people to misuse Level 2 driver assistance systems.

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