Tesla’s ‘Optimus’ Robot To Be Unveiled on September 30

According to Elon Musk published on Thursday (2), we can see the humanoid robot produced by Tesla still running this year. The company’s CEO announced that Tesla AI Day (Company Artificial Intelligence Day) has been postponed from August to September 30thhoping to have the first working prototype of the “iron human” to show off.

Optimus, as he was nicknamed, will be responsible for carrying out “the repetitive and boring tasks that humans hate to do”.

The robot was first unveiled during last year’s AI Day, and Musk had promised a working prototype sometime in 2022. If the information presented in 2021 holds, the “android” will be five feet tall, weigh about 57 pounds and will have a canvas for a face.

In January, Musk commented that “Optimus will eventually be able to solve global labor shortage problems and in a short time will be able to load items into a factory”. Also according to one of his speeches made at Tesla’s first quarter earnings presentation in April, the CEO believes that the manufacture and marketing of the robot has the potential to surpass Tesla’s primary car business.

Larry Brown

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