The Analyst, Who Knows Every Step of Bitcoin, Speaks for Binance!

Bitcoin: Peter Brandt, a prominent trader with Bitcoin predictions, came to the fore with criticism of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with its trading volume. Here are the details…

Peter Brandt responds to Binance CEO

In a tweet thread Friday, Peter Brandt responded to CZ’s tweet, “Blockchain is a permanent public record,” CEO of leading crypto exchange Binance. He then accused the client of executing his transactions at the wrong prices. In response to CZ’s tweet, Peter said:

The famous analyst tweeted in response to a statement by Binance’s Changpeng Zhao that suggested the immutable nature of Blockchain. According to other members of the crypto community, Brandt confuses the meaning of Blockchain with exchanges. But Brandt argues the relevance of what he said remains. As a result, Brandt said, “I understand the difference between blockchain and exchanges. I mean, it was horrific abuse that Binance imposed on its customers by matching bad sell orders with its own book.” It’s worth noting that at the time of writing, there has been no response from Binance or CZ on the matter.

Brandt mercilessly criticizes Bitcoin and altcoin space

Along with his reputation as a knowledgeable technical analyst, Peter Brandt has also built a reputation as an ardent critic of crypto exchanges and the cryptocurrency space. In the past, the market analyst has frequently warned crypto not to keep their holdings on Coinbase, as he believes the exchange does not follow best practices and that its holders could lose their holdings.

Analysts Explain: These 2 Altcoins Can Make Big Moves! As we reported, Brandt also frequently warned crypto investors to invest in altcoins. For example, after the Terra crash, the trader reiterated this belief, saying that “crypto is Bitcoin and Bitcoin is crypto”. Meanwhile, despite these statements, Brandt has also frequently warned that Bitcoin still has a 50 percent chance of going to zero or to the moon. Brandt’s latest chart analysis of the leading digital asset predicts further downside.

Binance CEO is confident in his stock market

Meanwhile, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted that the exchange will launch trading with zero transaction fees for all 13 Bitcoin (BTC) pairs on July 8, 2022. Then a Twitter user asked the CEO how competent the stock market was. “We don’t brag about numbers,” CEO Zhao said. He said the Binance exchange has “by far the largest reserves in the industry.” “This 0 transaction fee is a way for us to take care of our users in a challenging market,” he continued.

Important Announcement from Binance for These 4 Altcoins: There is Delist!

Few people think that these last words from Binance’s CEO came as a response to the FTX CEO. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried recently said that their exchange has “a few billions” in its bag to support struggling crypto firms. Some Twitter users hinted at the possibility of a ‘wage war’ between exchanges.

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