The Callisto Protocol Will Use the PS5’s DualSense and 3D Audio Functions

Callisto Protocol: Resident Evil 4 Remake It wasn’t the only horror game featured in the latest State of Play. The event also served to show a new trailer revealing the release date for The Callisto Protocol. And the game will take advantage of its partnership with Sony to use some interesting features of the PS5.

The information comes from a post on the official PlayStation blog by Glen Schofield, CEO of Striking Distance Studios, the dev behind The Callisto Protocol. Schofield was part of the team that brought Dead Space to the world, and envisioned his new game as a kind of “spiritual successor” to the title, before EA finally announced an official remake.

The Callisto Protocol will use the PS5’s haptic feedback and 3D audio features, according to the blog post. The creator of the game talks about the importance of these resources for the construction of an atmospheric horror.

“We want your heart to race with every tick of the PS5’s incredible touch. From a satisfying attack with Jacob’s stun stick, to the heavy grips of a massive enemy, PS5 helps us make players feel every moment of tension. banging on the wrists.”

Turning to the audio part, the text assures that Sony’s console’s 3D audio is an immensely important feature to make gamers “feel trapped, isolated and alone”.

The Callisto Protocol will be released first on PS4 and PS5 on December 2nd.

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