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Money Heist: Korea: The drama Money Heist: Korea was one of the most anticipated since its announcement. Being the remake of the popular Money Heist series, everyone was curious how they would adapt the series to be set in Korea. For this reason, as soon as it was released it became a trend. The actors of the series spoke about the challenges they faced when playing their characters in the adaptation.

Money Heist: Korea is the korean adaptation from the famous spanish series The Money Heist. In a recent interview, the actors They talked about their fears and challenges they faced when recording the remake of such a popular series, their main concerns and the change they wanted to make of it.

In this new version, he talks about an alternate future in which both South Korea and North Korea are unified, but only the elite benefit, so the group led by the Professor decides to make the robbery of the century and take everything. of the Mint.

Many fans were completely delighted with the cast chosen for the Korean version. Similarly, they showed their excitement for the twist in the story and the way they presented the characters.

The cast of Money Heist: Korea had a lot of pressure when recording the remake of the Casa de Papel

In an interview for Elle magazine, the main cast of Money Heist: Korea was invited to talk about their new project and what it was like to film the Korean adaptation of the successful series La Casa de Papel. During the interview the actors who played the Professor, Berlin and Tokyo were invited.

Yoo Ji Tae was in charge of bringing the Professor to life, the mastermind behind the plan of the robbery of the century and the one in charge of uniting the entire team. During the interview, the actor mentioned that he was worried about the acceptance that the series would have. Since the original work has two seasons and the Korean version sought to condense the entire series into 12 chapters. However, as soon as he read the script he felt comfortable with the speed of events.

Besides that, Yoo Ji Tae He also confessed that he sought to give the professor a unique and characteristic personality. For this, she sought to give him a sweet voice from the first chapter to demonstrate his charms.

On the other hand, Park Hae Soo, who brought Berlin to life, was concerned about the differences between the two series and whether they would be well received by viewers. But he was fascinated by the script, especially since he felt that it perfectly described the current situation he finds himself in. North Korea and South Korea and how this could be like the future of both nations.

Finally, Jeon Jong Seo, who played Tokyo, confessed that he decided to give his character a somewhat different personality. Although in the original Tokyo version she is very cheerful and has a free spirit, she wanted the version of her to be a bit calmer and she gets even more involved in the main plot. The actress wanted to make a difference between the two characters. You can watch the trailer for the series here:

Where can I watch Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area in full?

Money Heist: Korea is an original series of Netflix and all 12 chapters are available on said streaming platform. So if you have nothing to do today, it’s perfect to marathon it this Sunday afternoon. Are you ready to see this powerful adaptation?

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