The Secret Behind Lee Know’s V Lives is Touching 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Know: Stray Kids shows again how much they care about their fans, Lee Know had a mukbang on his last V Live and it was inevitable to remember the reason why this idol usually eats when he meets with fans.

just a few hours ago, Lee Know He returned to the V Live app and started a live broadcast from his hotel room, remember that Stray Kids is currently on tour and the idols are giving concerts in cities in the United States.

The idol of K-Pop made this meeting with STAY just as he was about to enjoy a meal with delicious dishes, so he showed his bibimbap to the camera, started chatting, reading comments and of course enjoying everything on his plate.

But do you know why Lee Know usually does this kind of live broadcasts with mukbang included? The idol once revealed the secret.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know Wants STAY To Eat Healthy

Previously, the member of Stray Kids confessed that the reason it almost always appears in the V Lives eating some of his favorite dishes is because that way, the fans who see him will surely also feel hungry and go in search of something delicious to eat.

In this way, the idol shares his moment of food but it also encourages fans to eat healthy and not skip any meal in their day.

Lee Know got a scare on his V Live broadcast, what happened?

When the idol was checking his phone to read the comments that STAY sent to him, suddenly the light in the room went out and he reacted with surprise, his eyes looked bigger than usual and his gaze went from one side to the other. while trying to figure out what happened, was it a joke, a power outage or something else?

Fans on social media pointed out that the reason Lee Know was scared was not only because the light went out, but because he loves horror stories and surely one came to his mind at the time.

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