THE VIRTUAL, Setlist of The Group’s Concert in PUBG 2022 #Celebrity

Regular PUBG Mobile and BLINKS players were able to enjoy BLACKPINK’s first virtual concert in the game, which is titled: THE VIRTUAL. In a special event, the spectators witnessed in the first row a concert of the South Korean group which was presented by 3D avatars of each of the members. What songs were fans able to hear?

BLACKPINK thrilled the players PUBG Mobile with his first virtual concert, called THE VIRTUAL. In this concert, they performed a total of 4 songs with their 3D avatars and different outfits. These are the songs that appeared.

BLINK was completely fascinated with the set list that the BLACKPINK concert had in the PUBG Mobile video game. As a special event in collaboration with the video game company, the South Korean group had its first virtual concert performed by its 3D versions.

If you missed the special, you still have a chance to watch it. This is the list of songs that BLACKPINK performed at his concert THE VIRTUAL through the PUBG Mobile video game.

BLACKPINK Song List at PUBG Mobile Concert

Through the video game, PUBG Mobile, the South Korean group BLACKPINK had its first virtual concert, which lasted approximately 10 minutes. Although fans only got to hear three of his most greatest hitsBLINK heard the exclusive premiere of Ready For Love, one of the group’s new songs.

Each one of the songs had a short version in the video and the whole event was full of animation with the characteristic colors of the group, showing the members of BLACKPINK in its 3D versions dance to the rhythm of its music. Can you see her songs list and a broadcast of the event here:

  2. Kill This Love
  3. How You Like That
  4. Ready for Love

BLACKPINK premiered Ready For Love at THE VIRTUAL concert

On the other hand, even though it was a song that had been previously leaked, BLACKPINK released his new song ready for love at the event, fully thrilling fans who had been patiently waiting for new music.

On the other hand, BLINK hopes that the full version of Ready For Love will be released soon and they hope that the song will be part of the new come back of the group that is scheduled for the month of August. What did you think of BLACKPINK’s concert?

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