These 3 Altcoins Might Be The Best Bet Before Ethereum Merge!

Ethereum Merge is fast approaching. Therefore, it looks like the crypto space is also gearing up for the event. Most of the altcoins are showing tremendous strength despite witnessing a drop. Therefore, according to experts, it can fly high in the coming days. The crypto space is ready for Ethereum Merge, which will enable the transition from PoW to PoS. When the time comes, it is expected that there will be a big change in the prices of some altcoins. ETH price is expected to skyrocket with Merge. However, according to experts, two more altcoins look promising along with ETH. Here are the details…

The first coin to be noticed with Ethereum Merge: Ethereum

Ethereum price gained massive bullish momentum as it climbed above $1,750. However, the bears quickly stepped in and drove the price down more than 12 percent. It forced ETH to hover just below $1700. Regardless of the current market sentiment, ETH price is looking quite bullish in the medium term. Therefore, it is expected to rise and break the upper resistance immediately.

As the chart shows, ETH price is rising inside an ascending parallel channel. He faced a rejection very recently. Therefore, ETH price may not reach the lower support below $1,500. However, even if it drops below $1,600, it could make a strong recovery. In addition, the RSI is also on the rise, so the expectation of a recovery in price continues.

Positive impact expectation for Ethereum Classic

With the transition fast approaching, Ethereum Classic has been gaining a lot of attention lately. On the other hand, the trend continues within the parabolic curve. Then the price is expected to reach the critical resistance at $50. But the bears are using all their resources to drive down the price. According to analysts, ETC price broke out of the lower support and formed a notable bull flag. Then, the entity left the flag. It is currently consolidated to form another bull flag. Therefore, it looks set for another 55 percent rally to mark levels above $55 very soon.


Last altcoin on the list: Polygon

Polygon price swings within a predetermined parallel channel. Getting ready to bounce off the lower support. The asset formed a bearish pattern. Therefore, it is expected to decline and reach $0.75. However, the bulls look strong. It pulled the price from the downtrend. MATIC price is swinging within an ascending parallel and quickly recovered after being rejected from the mid bands. Currently, the price is firmly heading towards the upper resistance. According to analysts, if the bulls bounce, they may eventually achieve it.


However, the upcoming merge is expected to create significant bullish momentum. Because; According to some, Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Polygon (MATIC) prices could rise significantly and test their respective resistances very soon.

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