These 3 Metaverse Coin Giants Announced News: Prices Have Jumped!

Metaverse Coin: While the cryptocurrency market is having a hard time, some Metaverse coin projects are making great collaborations. Accordingly, 3 Metaverse altcoin projects announced big news. The news led to a spike in the price of cryptocurrencies. Here are the details…

Somnium Space joins the election campaign

Somnium Space, a Polygon-based Metaverse coin, released an announcement on Twitter. Accordingly, the announcement included a partnership with Karel Janecek, who is running for the presidency in the 2023 elections in the Czech Republic. It looks like Janecek will move his 2023 presidential campaign to the Somnium Space Metaverse. The announcement of Metaverse was soon retweeted by Sandeep, co-founder of Polygon and creator of Crypto Relief. Following the announcement, Somnium Space’s native token CUBE rose in value. At the time of writing, the Metaverse coin was changing hands at $1.41. The CUBE climbed as high as $1.47 on the day.

The partnership officially hints that many more presidential candidates could try to run their campaigns on the Metaverse. Therefore, it attracted attention as a very exciting development. As we have reported, the number of people adopting the new lifestyle leads to the rapid expansion of the virtual environment. The partnership serves as further proof that the majority of people will likely be moving to the Metaverse in the near future, at least for fun. However, Polygon has also recently entered into a partnership. Accordingly, Polygon announced a collaboration with NFTically to create COMEARTH. COMEARTH will provide companies with the tools necessary to create immersive stores in the Metaverse. Thus, it will be on its way to becoming the “Amazon of Web3”.

Bank partnered with 2 Metaverse coins

Somnium Space’s participation in the Czech presidential candidate’s campaign has sparked interest in the crypto space. However, the project isn’t the only Metaverse coin to announce big news. Accordingly, an Islamic bank based in Kuwait signed a partnership with two Metaverses. Warba Bank will now appear on The Sandbox and Decentraland. The announcement came recently. Warba Bank has announced that it will operate on two Metaverses. With the partnership, the bank aims to reach younger generations. After the cooperation, Decentraland started to rise. At the time of writing, MANA was changing hands at $0.87, up 7.11%.

MANA 1D graph coinmarketcap

The rise in Metaverse coin prices also came to The Sandbox, with which the bank partnered. However, SAND far outperformed its biggest competitor, MANA. At the time of writing, the unit price of the SAND token was $1.13. Accordingly, SAND managed to gain 12.20% in value during the day. It was noteworthy that the rise of metaverse coins came at a time when the overall cryptocurrency market was falling.

SAND 1D graph coinmarketcap

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