This Metaverse Coin Can Pass Anyone!

Metaverse Coin: Coin Bureau analyst, a million-subscribed Youtube channel, highlights an emerging gaming project. The Metaverse coin market has been in the spotlight lately. The analyst is evaluating a metaverse project that will surpass its competitors.

Coin Bureau analyst highlights an Ethereum-based metaverse coin project

According to the Coin Bureau server, a metaverse coin has greater potential than any other crypto in the market. “Guy”, who has 2.07 million followers, mentioned the SAND token in a recent video update. The analyst says that Sandbox, the virtual reality game, has strong fundamentals, although the price action has been unimpressive for months:

SAND has apparently been on the rise since the tech titans gathered to discuss metaverse standards earlier this week. Now I would argue that this is more negative than optimistic for cryptocurrencies. But many SAND owners disagree. SAND is lucky to have some real grounding, unlike most other metaverse coin projects.

This Metaverse Coin Could Pass Anyone

In summary, the foundation of a “Metaverse Standards Forum” aimed at developing international interoperability standards for the open metaverse was publicized last week by a sizable group of tech giants and multinational organizations. As we have reported, Huawei, Meta and Microsoft are a few of the companies that cooperate.

Sandbox-TIME partnership

Meanwhile, The Sandbox also revealed a collaboration with media giant TIME last week that aims to replicate Times Square in Manhattan, New York, within its digital universe. TIME CEO Keith Grossman said:

While the virtual TIMEPieces community creates an immersive experience with The Sandbox, which provides a natural bridge between historical coverage and global relations, we are excited to tap into this community as we search the metaverse for the architect to design TIME Square.

Santiment: This Altcoin Enters Opportunity Zone!

In the past seven days, The Sandbox (SAND) has outstripped most of the cryptocurrency markets. The metaverse coin, traded at $1.18, is 25% more valuable than last week. SAND is the 37th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It is the second largest metaverse project by market value.

SAND made 20% after news of Meta’s acquisition

Sandbox’s COO said on Saturday that the acquisition by Meta “will never happen”. This announcement came at a point when the SAND price was at its peak. Sandbox has been on the rise after claims that Meta and a number of tech giants will invest. Meanwhile, the companies shared the details of a formation called the Metaverse Standards Forum. Just a few days after that, the price of SAND gained almost 20%. However, Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder of The Sandbox, recently said that these claims are not true.

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