TikTok Launches Exclusive Comedy Series on Subscription Service

TikTok: According to website information Hollywood Reporter TikTok launched the Finding Jericho series on the social network, with eight 30-minute episodes. The production is being developed in partnership with the company Pearpop and its creator, Jericho Mencke, and will be broadcast exclusively on TikTok Live.

In the series, Mencke will interview internet celebrities such as Griffin Johnson, Sloane Veronico and Wasil Daoud, however, he will take the mood of the production in a comic tone. According to Pearpop, the series was inspired by some of the comedy classics, such as Borat, The Eric Andre Show and Nathan For You.

“Jericho’s random style and satirical troupes always start in one place and end up where the audience found it unimaginable. His comedy is always clean, but with a unique bold tone, for all ages,” said Pearpop CEO Cole Mason.

TikTok Live

The first episode of Finding Jericho was released on Mencke’s and Pearpop’s accounts this past Thursday (2). The next episodes will be available next Tuesdays and Thursdays at 21:00 PST (1:00 am ET). Only the first two episodes are free — to continue watching, you have to pay US$ 4.99.

The launch of the series helps publicize TikTok Live, a subscription program that offers subscribers several advantages, such as exclusive chat, custom emojis, badges, among other possibilities.

Content creators can monetize exclusive content, but they must be over 18 and have at least 1,000 followers to participate in the subscription service.

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