TinyTAN House Has A New Preview, So You Can Play it 2022 #Celebrity

If you are a fan of BTS and video games, surely the premiere of BTS Dream: TinyTAN House has excited you a lot. A new video preview was released recently, showing various details on how it will be playable and what all the features will be. This is what you should know about this video game.

BTS Dream: Tiny TAN House It’s the new video game bts. A fun application that will combine the rhythm and interior design of the group’s best hits. Do you want to know what this is going to be about? videogame?

Fans of Bangtan Sonyeondan do not stop receiving surprises. Although a few weeks ago it was announced that bts would go into a break from group activities to focus on their solo careers, new group content is released every day.

In addition to announcements such as their concert in Busan or their participation with a special song in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. BTS also excited ARMY by announcing that they will release new chapters of CHAKHO: 7 FATES and will soon have the new video game called BTS Dream: Tiny TAN House.

What is the game BTS Dream: TinyTAN House about? Music, decoration and more

Soon BTS will have a new video game called BTS Dream: Tiny TAN Houseand to further excite its fans, the first video preview of the game was recently released, showing the graphics, style and missions that players must complete.

BTS Dream: TinyTAN House will be a rhythm video game, in which fans must hit the buttons while listening to their favorite songs like Dynamite and Boy With Luv in the background. In addition to that, players will be able to decorate and change the houses and settings to your liking. And as if that were not enough, they will also be able to choose the changing rooms of the characters that represent the members of BTS. You can see the promo here:

When will BTS Dream: TinyTAN House game be available?

So far, the exact date for the release of BTS Dream: Tiny TAN House. However, with the release of the promotional video, fans hope that the exact date on which the video game will be available will be announced shortly.

BTS Dream: TinyTAN House can be played on android and can be downloaded through the Play Store, so fans can play it for free on their mobile phones. Are you waiting for this video game?

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