Today is the Big Day for These 15 Altcoins: Here’s What They’ll Be!

Altcoin: Today, there will be innovations in various altcoin projects. Various platforms will list altcoins and hold meetings. Here’s what will happen today…

Today is an important day for 15 altcoin projects

  • XT.COM lists Turkish Motorcycle Federation Fan Token (TMFT) with BITCI pair at TSI 12.
  • The crypto expo will take place in Milan from June 23-26. The fair will take place with the participation of crypto money teams such as Beefy.Finance (BIFI) and Fantom (FTM).
  • Gitcoin (GTC) has announced the termination of GR14.
  • ARize (ARZ) and Revenue Coin (RVC) will hold a question and answer event on Telegram.
  • Render (RNDR) will hold a question and answer event with Multicoin Capital.
  • Pundi X (PUNDIX) will hold a question and answer event via Zoom.
  • BitMart lists X World Games (XWG) with USDT pair at 11 pm.
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  • XT.COM lists Game Tree (GTCOIN) in USDT pair at 11 CET.
  • Aleph Zero (AZERO) will hold a meeting on Twitter Spaces.
  • Goldfinch (GFI) will hold question and answer events on the token economy via Twitter Spaces.
  • ProBit Global lists Medifakt (FAKT) with USDT and BTC pair at 11 CET.
  • Casper Network (CSPR) attends the Sequire Decentralized Web Conference.
  • MEXC Global lists ARTL (ARTL) in USDT pair at TSI 18.
  • GrantShares is holding a question and answer event with NEO (NEO) at 16-17 CET.
  • BigONE lists PLC Ultima (PLCU) with USDT pair.

What is the latest situation in the market?

Meanwhile, As we have also reported, after last week’s carnage, Bitcoin showed signs of recovery. After last week’s carnage that resulted in an 18-month low of $17,500 this past Sunday morning, the cryptocurrency is starting to make some gains.

It bounced off that line pretty quickly. He challenged $20,000 in less than a day. He eventually crossed that line. He continued to climb. As a result, BTC hit $22,000 in the past day. However, it failed at that point. It started to gradually lose value, resulting in a drop to $20,000. It is currently changing hands around $20,500, up 2.2 percent. Ethereum gained 2.3 percent and BNB 4.5 percent. Overall, the overall market cap was up 0.2 percent to $950 billion. Last week, this amount was around $850 billion. Meme cryptocurrencies like DOGE and SHIB are trading with an average of 5% rise.

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