Today’s Webtoon, What is it About and Where To Watch The Drama in Spanish? 2022 #celebrity

Today’s Webtoon is the new SBS drama and it premiered on July 29. After her success in A Business Proposal, Kim Se Jeong returns to star in another story that promises you hours of fun. Here are some of the reasons why you should start following this series.

Today’s Webtoon It’s the new drama Kim Se Jeong, a life-telling comedy story about webtoon editors and all the adventures that go on behind the creation of a comic. Would you like to know why you should see this K-Drama?

One of the premieres you must see is Today’s Webtoon. Since this drama promises to make you laugh until your stomach hurts, in addition to dealing with all kinds of topics such as harassment of celebrities. Here are some reasons why this story is a recommendation perfect for you.

Reasons To Watch Today’s Webtoon, Kim Se Jeong’s New Drama

This story follows the life of On Ma Eum, a girl who works at a company that publishes online comics, better known as webtoons. During each chapter you will see how she and her companions fight day by day against all kinds of obstacles such as deadlines, problems with authors, important events and more.

The protagonist is a former athlete who had to withdraw from the national Judo team due to an accident that injured her ankle ligament. After losing her dream she looks for a new one and she finds him as a webtoon editor. With only two episodes airing, the series has drawn viewers’ attention for its ‘Girl Boss’ scenes, where Kim Se Jeong is portrayed as an empowered character.

In the cast is Kim Se Jeong, who completely fell in love with her fans as Shin Ha Ri in A Business Proposal. Choi Daniel, actor who appeared in Fly High Butterfly. Y Nam Yoon Soo, the emerging actor who appeared in Borrowed Body and The King’s Affection. Without a doubt, it is a story that will make you laugh from beginning to end.

Where can I watch Today’s Webtoon with Spanish subtitles?

You can see the Today’s Webtoon drama with Spanish subtitles on the doramasflix portal. Or, if you have Vikipass Standard, you can see it on viki. So far it has two chapters and will be broadcast every Friday and Saturday. This drama will have a total of 12 chapters. Are you going to see it?

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