Twenty Five, Twenty One Season 2, Will There Be New Chapters?

Twenty Five, Twenty One: There are many reasons why fans would love to see Twenty Five, Twenty One confirm a sequel. We tell you what happened at the end of the drama and if there will be a second season of the plot.

A large number of K-Dramas have been released this year, but only the most popular ones have left an indelible mark on fans who have followed these variously themed stories from different parts of the world.

The story of Twenty Five, Twenty One has undoubtedly been one of the most famous, with Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri In the leading roles, the drama took us on a trip to the past where we met a student who dreams of being a fencer and a young man with the goal of becoming a newscaster.

The K-Drama It aired from February 12 to April 3, but the ending did not leave everyone satisfied and has raised the doubt of its Twenty Five, Twenty One could have a second season Give us more of this story.

How does Twenty Five, Twenty One end? That was the last episode

The 16-episode K-Drama led us to a final round of the story where Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin they end their relationship, time passes and we don’t know much about the protagonists. One day she becomes a champion fencer and when that happens she gives an interview to a news program where the boy is the host.

Baek Yi Jin takes the opportunity to congratulate her on her wedding, and bewilderment seized all the fans of the drama, who inevitably wondered if they were keeping their relationship hidden or would they really end up separated.

The doubts would be clarified in the last episode, Twenty Five, Twenty One ends when Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin meet again on a bridge that united them on several occasions, but this time they meet for a definitive farewell where with tears in their eyes they wish each other a happy life, even if they will not share their future.

Does Twenty Five, Twenty One have a sequel? Fans are not happy with the ending

Although for many fans of the series this was a final disappointing because they expected to see the protagonists together until the last moment, for others this was the appropriate closure. However, it is easy to recognize that many wish that this last episode would only end one season and we could see more of these characters.

Twenty Five, Twenty One does not have a second season and the possibility of working on it has not been mentioned either, so the ending we saw on screen will be the final one.

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