TWICE Always Needs Dahyun’s Help And Courage 2022 #celebrity

TWICE: Nayeon confessed that there is something that TWICE members always ask Dahyun for help with, but the group’s rapper never refuses her call.

inside this girls group of JYPEntertainment We find very different talents, styles and personalities, although each of the TWICE girls has their own charms and abilities, the power increases when they work as a team.

We see this on stage and in each comeback, but the reality is that TWICE has created an unparalleled connection, so that collaborative work is present at all times, even in the bedrooms or when one of them has to face one of their fears.

There is a terrifying moment that makes most members of this K-Pop group tremble, but fortunately Dhyun she is always ready to help.

Dahyun is the only one in TWICE who isn’t afraid of bugs.

Recently, Nayeon confessed that in TWICE all the members of the group except for Dahyun have a great fear for the insectsso when they find one of them they ask the idol to catch it.

The interpreter of POP! She added that they usually call Dahyun for this reason, regardless of the fact that now they do not all live on the same floor, but neither does the schedule stop them from asking her for help, because sometimes they have had to look for her after the rapper has already gone to sleep. oops!

TWICE: Dahyun’s bravery adds to the idol’s most peculiar skills

We now know that Dahyun is an expert at catching bugs inside TWICE’s bedrooms, but this is one of the singer’s many unique and unexpected skills, do you remember any others?

the idol of K-Pop She is very skilled in singing, dancing, and rapping but also known for finding the cameras everywhere and making eye contact with them even from a distance, plus she has shown us other talents like her eagle dance and more.

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