TWICE Attends A Staff Member’s Wedding Ceremony 2022 #Celebrity

TWICE: Several TWICE idols were caught attending a wedding ceremony, the marriage union was from a JYP Entertainment staff member and they could not miss the event.

After finishing their world tour, the girls of this girls group they have not stopped making fans happy with their projects and activities of all kinds, some of them have been captured in concerts, Nayeon is preparing his solo debut and now some members of TWICE were present at a ceremony of marriage.

The K-Pop idols looked charming on their arrival at the weddingtheir presence caught the attention of many in attendance, who quickly gave the girls a glimpse.

TWICE Members Smile Wide In Staff Wedding Photos

In social networks, a photograph was shared where Tzuyu, Fury, Dhyun, momo, chae-young Y Mine They appear with a girl dressed as a bride and a man by her side. The idols wear low-key outfits as they smile and pose sweetly for the camera.

The reason that the idols of TWICE They were at this wedding because it was the marriage of a member of their staff, so their attendance shows us how much they value the JYP staff who work by their side and the closeness they share.

TWICE met up with Jeon So Mi at their wedding ceremony

A detail that did not go unnoticed is that, among the girls that appear in the wedding photo, there is also the singer Jeon Somi who was a trainee of JYP Entertainment before TWICE debuted.

Although So Mi left the company to debut as a solo artist, this reunion not only reflects that the girl left on good terms with the staff she managed to meet, but also that she remains close to the girl group members.

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