TWICE Comeback 2022 Confirmed, When Does Their Album Release?

TWICE: The news that many ELEVEN were waiting for finally arrived. TWICE may have a comeback this year with a new album and all nine members promoting. This was revealed by Allure Korea magazine in a recent article, they have even marked the exact date of their return.

TWICE is preparing to make a come back in Augustnews that excited ONCE too much, since the group would be promoting with a total of nine members.

ONCE can’t hide their excitement at TWICE’s possible comeback. After the news, they have flooded social networks with messages of emotion and happiness, because they cannot wait to hear new music from their favorite group.

It looks to be a big year for K-Pop fans as leading groups have decided to make a comeback this year, which will mark an incredible second half of 2022 with the return of BTS, BLACKPINK, and now, TWICE. What other group would you like to see return in the next half of the year?

TWICE will return in August with a new album, what is known about their comeback?

In an article in Allure Korea magazine, it was revealed that TWICE is preparing for a comeback with all nine members. This comes after the group renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment this year.

The news caused great emotion, because according to the article, the comeback is scheduled for 26 of August of this year. Although so far, JYP has not given an official statement about it. Fans are very excited about the group’s possible comeback.

Meanwhile, Nayeon is preparing to promote her solo debut and the group will be releasing a new Japanese mini album. The rest of the members will be concentrating on their solo activities for the next few months. Do you want a TWICE comeback?

Nayeon and Momo revealed what could be spoilers for TWICE’s comeback

Through a live broadcast on V Live, Nayeon confirmed that they had group activities with TWICE that morning, but that she and Momo broke up before the rest of the group. As a curious fact, Momo said that she had fallen into the water that day and Nayeon added that she too. So many fans came to think that perhaps they were recording the new MV of her return and this could contain pools or a lot of water. Do you think they are clues to her return?

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