TWICE Filmed Videos That Will Be Released For The Rest of 2022

TWICE: Great news for ONCE! Although most have been concerned about the upcoming expiration of TWICE’s contract, many were happy after Jeongyeon’s latest messages, where he confesses that the group is still working on new material.

Jeong-yeon TWICE made their fans happy with new updates that contain light spoilers about the next projects of the group. Exciting ONCE for everything that TWICE have prepared.

ONCE is very excited about Jeongyeon’s comeback. During the past year, the singer had to take a hiatus to prioritize her health after suffering from anxiety. Since her return to her group, she has been seen very lively and cheerful, so her fans can’t help but feel happy and proud for her.

Delighted to see Jeongyeon actively participating in TWICE’s new activities, every time the singer reveals new information about the group’s fate they feel more than happy. Like her most recent post, which made ONCE think that TWICE will renew their contract.

Jeongyeon confessed that TWICE has videos ready to be released soon

In her most recent Bubble post, Jeongyeon talked about TWICE’s upcoming projects. Completely exciting ONCE, who was worried about whether the members would renew their contract with JYP Entertainment.

In her message, Jeongyeon explained that TWICE had material recorded until October, thus covering the entire schedule during the months of June, July, August, and September. Which means that the group will surely renew their contract with JYP.

This adds to the rumor that TWICE will have their comeback as nine members at the end of August. Although JYP has not confirmed anything so far and is focused on promoting Nayeon’s solo debut, many fans consider the group’s comeback possible and feel very excited about it.

Jeongyeon assured that her Melody Project could not come out soon because of all the TWICE videos

Fans have asked Jeongyeon to record a Melody Project soon. However, as Jeongyeon assured that TWICE’s schedule will be moved, he would not be able to film a Melody Project until after October or next year. But he promised that he would consider it. Can you imagine what all TWICE has prepared?

Meanwhile in the promotions of the rest of the members of TWICE: Nayeon’s debut as a soloist with her first mini album IM NAYEON will be released on June 26 and one of her songs will have a collaboration with Felix from Stray Kids. A comeback you won’t want to miss.

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