TWICE had fun playing Green Light, Red Light at Spring Picnic

TWICE: ONCE was delighted with each of the episodes of TIME TO TWICE: Spring Picnic, which came to an end in the fifth episode, where each of the members played different games to win delicious food. In the last chapter, they played Green Light, Red Light to get a dessert.

JYP Entertainment shared the latest chapter of TIME TO TWICE: Spring Picnic where the members of TWICE They had fun Playing Green Light, Red Light in order to get a dessert. Causing laughter throughout the fandom.

In the five episodes of the TIME TO TWICE reality show, the members played different games from their childhood, dressed in clothes similar to those they wore as children, the group charmed their fans with their funny antics.

TWICE is one of the closest K-Pop groups and each of the members always shows the affection they have towards the rest of their companions. Their reality shows are also very funny because of how they behave with each other.

TWICE fought for the best dessert dessert playing Green Light, Red Light

On episode 5 of TIME TO TWICE: Spring Picnic, the members of TWICE determinedly played Green Light, Red Light. A popular Korean children’s game that gained worldwide popularity after being featured in the first few episodes of Squid Game.

In this game, to define the order in which they would choose their desserts, the members had to reach the finish line without being caught by the partner who was counting. However, the game increased in difficulty when each one had to wear three different accessories in order to cross the finish line.

Jeongyeon, Sana and Chaeyoung were among the members who had the most complications in the second round, as they could not stop laughing or show their competitive spirit that made them lose on several occasions. You can watch the entire episode here:

TWICE confessed to reliving their childhood in the latest episode of Spring Picnic

At the end of the show, the members of TWICE talked longingly about how the whole episode made them remember their childhood and have fun like when they were little. They also mentioned that they might have accidentally run into each other at an amusement park and that it was fun to reminisce about the old days. Without a doubt, they enjoyed each of the challenges and their prizes. What did you like the most about the program?

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