TWICE Had Fun Recreating Their Childhood Photos At A Picnic

TWICE: A month ago, TWICE made their fans happy with photos of when they were little that they shared for Children’s Day and did not hesitate to use the same wardrobe and try to recreate the scene perfectly. A month later, they surprise ONCE with a video in which they show how they took those photos with the help of their classmates at a fun picnic.

TWICE It has always shown what a great unit they have and how much fun they can be on variety shows. For this reason, ONCE was delighted with spring picnic a series of four chapters in which the members enjoyed a picnic while recreated photographs his childhood.

ONCE fans always love each of the interactions that the members of TWICE have with each other and seeing them at Spring Picnic touched their fans too much, because seeing them happy playing with each other always warms ONCE’s heart.

From old photos, laughs, jokes, games and delicious food, it was a little of what was experienced in the four episodes of TIME TO TWICE Spring Picnic. Which were coming out periodically for their fans. Have you seen the entire episodes?

TWICE remembered their childhood and recreated photos from when they were little

Through the official TWICE channel on YouTube, the reality show was shared TIME TO TWICE which was titled spring picnic. Where the members of the group went to a park to enjoy a good time between them and their fans.

On the same episode, TWICE led photographs of his childhood and they dressed in clothes very similar to the one they wore in the photo. Laughing, each one talked about what they looked like when they were little and joked with each other, and then began to look for places where she simulated the same background as the photos they took as children. Gifting ELEVEN beautiful new photos of the group.

In their most recent episode, it was revealed how the process of creating each photograph was and how much fun the members had trying to make the photo as similar as possible to the original. You can see the entire chapter here:

TWICE played various games on the ‘Time to TWICE’ Spring Picnic chapter.

In addition to recreating their childhood photos, TWICE also took advantage of the reunion to compete with each other in different games. Among which stood out the rock, paper and scissors and the game of chairs. In the end, they all won a game that earned them a delicious feast that they enjoyed together. Without a doubt, they spent an incredible afternoon full of fun with their companions. What did you like the most about the episode?

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