TWICE is Ready for The Start of A New Era in Their Career 2022 #Celebrity

TWICE surprised their fans with a new interview for Cosmopolitan magazine. Where in addition to wearing iconic looks, they also talked about how they have felt during their career years and what they want in the future. Especially how much they have changed as individuals and as a group.

TWICE had one interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, where they announced that they would be starting a new stage for the group and they talked about how their life has been in these years of artistic career.

TWICE fans are very excited to find out what the group’s next plans are. Not only because of the rumor of the come back in a few months, also due to the fear that the group will not renew their contract with JYP Entertainment in October.

However, the group has remained very active both on world tours and individual promotions, so fans are optimistic about knowing what’s new from the group, who recently gave an interview for cosmopolitan.

TWICE wishes to be remembered as a legendary K-Pop group

In a recent interview for Cosmopolitan, the South Korean group TWICE revealed what their plans are for the future and what they really want after their 7-year career in the Korean industry, completely honest about how their time on stage has been. and what they want for the future.

In the interview when asked how they expected TWICE remembered in the future, the members confessed that they wished to be seen as a legendary group in the history of K-Pop and that in 20 or 30 years their fans will continue to remember their songs along with special memories of each one.

TWICE is currently one of the most popular groups in K-Pop, being one of the main representatives of the genre in the world and having several of the most successful world tours of an Asian girl group. Similarly, each of their comebacks is a total success and the members confessed to being completely surprised with the fame that they currently have.

TWICE has big plans, including the start of a new era for the group

For the members of TWICE, although his group is currently at the top, there is still a lot to achieve and show his fans. Their story is not over yet and they know that this is only the beginning of a new era. During the interview, each of the members mentioned how much they have changed for the better and how their life is very different from how it was a few years ago, but that they plan to continue improving both as people and as a group to spend more time with ONCE. Would you like to see TWICE with a new style?

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