TWICE Renewed Their Contract With JYP Entertainment And Will Have A Comeback in August 2022 #Celebrity

TWICE: Great news for ONCE! One of the main concerns from fans was that the group’s exclusive contract with their agency was about to end. However, JYP Entertainment recently reported that they should not worry anymore, because after several talks, the entire group had decided to renew.

TWICE will continue with JYPEntertainmentas recently reported by a company representative to the media, assuring that the nine members of the group had decided renew contractwhich would end in the coming months.

TWICE debuted in 2015 and since then has become one of the greatest representatives of K-Pop in the world, having several world tours with sold out and achieving achievements that no other girl group had achieved.

For this reason, when their exclusive contract was about to expire, many fans showed their growing concern, wondering if all the members would decide to renew their contract or not, waiting patiently for news.

TWICE will remain with JYP Entertainment, a company representative reported.

A few hours ago, a JYP Entertainment representative reported news about the group TWICE that everyone, especially their fans, wanted to hear and that was directly linked to the termination of their exclusive contract.

In his statement, the representative mentioned how the group has been a crucial element for the agency and has helped establish JYP as the company it is today. He also mentioned that based on the trust that both the group and the agency have with each other, they decided renew your contract the nine members. Hoping for a better future for both parties.

Several fans feared that some members would not renew, especially Jeongyeon who had to take a hiatus last year to improve her mental health. For that reason, hearing that she would continue to be part of the group they were quite happy.

In addition to renewing their contract, TWICE will have a comeback in August.

On the other hand, it had been previously reported that TWICE was scheduling a comeback in the coming months. Completely moving ONCE. Now, after reporting that the group will continue in the company for a longer time, the official date of TWICE’s comeback was released and it will be August 26 of this year. Are you excited for their new mini album? Without a doubt, the good news for ONCE is increasing.

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