TWICE Reveals Snippets Of Three BETWEEN 1&2 Songs, What They Sound Like 2022 #celebrity

A week after its premiere, TWICE thrilled all of their fans by allowing them to listen to small fragments of the new songs that will make up their album BETWEEN 1&2. With TikTok videos featuring the members in different outfits, ONCE was able to enjoy a few seconds of three singles from the album. Do you want to hear them?

TWICE revealed more teasers for her return with the album BETWEEN 1&2 on this occasion the group of girls shared small fragments where you can hear parts of three of his new songs.

ONCE couldn’t be more excited for TWICE’s comeback, which is coming up next week. The emotion for this album comes from the fact that it will be the first comeback after the group renewed its contract with its agency and the nine members will participate in it.

Several concept photos have been previously revealed for their comeback, but fans’ excitement is building after hearing a bit of the songs that will be in the album TWICE.

TWICE: This is how Talk That Talk LOVE, Queen of Hearts and BRAVE from BETWEEN 1&2 sound

TWICE’s comeback is getting closer and as part of the promotions for their new album BETWEEN 1&2 the group shared through their social networks a small ‘little taste’ of what ONCE will be able to hear on their new album.

With TikTok videos featuring the TWICE members in the album concept photo shoot, the girls let ONCE listen to snippets of the songs. Talk That Talk LOVE, Queen of Hearts and brave three of the songs that will be part of his new album.

So far, Talk That Talk LOVE is expected to be the title track of the album and the new MV they plan to release. All ONCE can’t hide their excitement for what’s to come on the new album. You can hear what’s new TWICE here:

When is TWICE’s BETWEEN 1&2 album released?

TWICE officially returns with the album BETWEEN 1&2 the 26 of August at 1:00 p.m. (KST). Their return will feature seven completely new songs that promise to be full of the style that characterizes the group and that catchy touch that makes you repeat them over and over again. Have you added the date to your calendar yet?

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