TWICE Surprised Nayeon With A Coffee Truck on The Set of POP! 2022 #Celebrity

TWICE: The members of TWICE have always shown to be very close and as soon as it was announced that Nayeon would be debuting as a solo artist, they made sure to show her their full support for this new stage in her career. The way they showed how much they supported her was by sending a coffee truck to the set of POP!

Nayeon He received a special surprise on the recording set of POP!, sent with love by her classmates TWICE to show her support as a solo artist, a detail that the singer shared on networks with ONCE.

One of the things that ONCE loves most about her favorite group is the way that all of its members constantly support each other in each of their projects and they were completely delighted when Nayeon revealed what TWICE sent for her while she was there. filming the MV of pop!

POP! is the lead single from IM NAYEON, TWICE’s Nayeon’s first solo album, an album that has broken several records on various music platforms and has been a success. TWICE didn’t waste a second to show all the love they have for Nayeon with a coffee truck.

Nayeon shared photos of the coffee truck that TWICE sent to support her

Through his Instagram account, Nayeon shared photos of the coffee truck that TWICE sent for her on the set of POP!, the lead single from her first solo album IM NAYEON. Song that has been a complete success and recently obtained its first win.

With pink decoration and funny photographs of the members of the group, TWICE Sended a affectionate message for her group mate along with a coffee truck that all the staff could enjoy. You can see the photos here:

In South Korea, it is very popular to show support for artists with coffee or food trucks that serve as motivation for all the staff and the idol during their workday. TWICE took advantage of Nayeon’s debut to send her a coffee truck to the set.

Messages such as ‘Please take care of our pretty unnie’ and ‘We love you Nayeon unnie’, sweet words from the TWICE members who sent coffee for the soloist, could be seen on the banners that came on the food truck for Nayeon. .

TWICE has accompanied Nayeon to different programs to cheer her up

Since it is completely different to act alone than in a group, various members of TWICE have accompanied Nayeon to shows so as not to feel so lonely during her IM NAYEON promotions. A clear example was Momo and Chaeyoung accompanying Nayeon to Amazing Saturday, the first program in which she promoted POP!, her new song. Demonstrating the great friendship that the group has.

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