TWICE’s Nayeon and STRAY KIDS’ Felix Sing No Problem on TikTok 2022 #Celebrity

Nayeon’s solo debut has been a success. Among the songs that caught IM NAYEON’s attention the most was the single NO PROBLEM, a collaboration between the TWICE member and Stray Kids’ Felix. Both ONCE and Stay can’t stop listening to the song, and both idols thrilled their fans with a sweet video singing NO PROBLEM.

Nayeon of TWICE and Felix from Stray Kids collaborated on the song NO PROBLEM from the new album IM NAYEON. A sweet and catchy melody that fascinated all his fans. And to the surprise of the followers of both groups, the idols shared a fun video in tiktok singing the song

Nayeon debuted as a solo artist with her first mini album IM NAYEON, in which he has collaborations with Felix from Stray Kids and indie artist Wonstein. It didn’t take long for the song NO PROBLEM to become a hit with fans of both groups who adored this tender song.

For both ONCE and Stay, Nayeon’s powerful vocals coupled with Felix’s rapping add a special touch to this catchy tune. Causing it to become one of the most played songs on her new album alongside POP!. Without a doubt, Nayeon and Felix made their fans happy with their cute video.

Nayeon and Felix shot a ‘duet’ video for their new song NO PROBLEM

Through TWICE’s official account at tik toka sweet video of Nayeon singing NO PROBLEM with Felix from Stray Kids was shared, completely exciting the fans of both groups.

Although it is unknown if he has an official MV scheduled, NO PROBLEM is a song that Nayeon and Felix collaborated on together and has currently become very popular among ONCE and Stays. It already has more than a million likes on Tik Tok and 21 thousand comments. You can watch his video here:

NO PROBLEM by Nayeon and Felix is ​​close to reaching a million streams on Spotify

On the other hand, in Spotify TWICE’s Nayeon and Stray Kids’ Felix’s song NO PROBLEM already has over 999,000 thousand views and debuted at No. 174 on the popular music platform’s Global Top Songs. Without a doubt, in a few hours the song will have a million streams. Congratulations to both artists!

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