TWICE’s Nayeon is A Modern Princess in Teasers for IM NAYEON

ONCE can’t wait any longer for Nayeon’s solo debut, which was announced a couple of weeks ago. As her release date draws closer, more and more teasers are appearing that raise the anticipation for her mini album. This time, IM NAYEON’s concept photos left her fans speechless.

Nayeon of TWICE will do his debut solo this month. Her first mini album will be called IM NAYEON and will be released at the end of June. As part of the promotions, TWICE’s official account has released new teasers in photography for her album concept, which makes Nayeon look like a princess.

ONCE is delighted with the concept of TWICE’s Nayeon’s new album. Although not much information about his solo debut has been revealed yet, the new concept photos drew gasps from his fans. Well, they were fascinated by the feminine and princess concept that the idol will use.

In the world of K-Pop, it is common for members of different groups to debut as solo artists and release solo songs. This is equivalent to a new way of making themselves known and showing their talent where they are the main actors. What was seen in the new photos of IM NAYEON?

Nayeon mesmerized ONCE by looking like a modern-day princess for her album

In the concept photos for IM NAYEON, the girl appears dressed entirely in pink and wears a tiara while staring at the camera, without avoiding showing her nail design in which pink predominates over everything. With contact lenses, Nayeon fell in love with her followers, giving a sexy and tender image at the same time.

By conceptual photographs, many fans have assumed that the concept of her solo debut will be very feminine while also being sexy and elegant. Showing off a new side of Nayeon, which her fans can’t wait to see. You can see several of the photographs released by the company here:

In addition to that photo, another was shared where Nayeon is lying down with a black bow in her hair, showing off her long lilac nails. Fans couldn’t help but praise the beauty of the singer in her new photo, which undoubtedly makes her look like a princess.

When does IM NAYEON, TWICE Nayeon’s first mini album release?

Nayeon’s IM NAYEON will be officially released on June 24 at 1:00 p.m. (KST) and is now available for pre-order. This album will mark the singer’s solo debut and will be the first solo album by any of the members of TWICE, which could be the trigger for more and more members to release their own album. Would you like to see the rest of TWICE release a solo album?

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