TWICE’s Nayeon Sets A New Billboard Record With Her Solo 2022 #Celebrity

Nayeon: No one can resist the rhythm of POP!, but Nayeon’s entire album caused a sensation and that is why she managed to stand out on the Billboard charts, now the JYP idol and member of TWICE has just seized a very significant record.

Just a few days ago we witnessed the first debut of a member of TWICE As a solo artist, Nayeon has always stood out as one of the vocalists who steals the looks and conquers with her talent, but now she shows it in a different way with which she also conquered the fans.

album promotions IM NAYEON they took the idol to present the single POP! here and there, but all the record material received great support from ELEVEN.

The skills of idol and the dedication of the fans have paid off, because now Nayeon and his album debut have just set a new record that also leaves a mark on the history of K-Pop. What is it about?

IM NAYEON Enters Billboard 200 Chart And Gets Record For Its Popularity

It was recently revealed that the TWICE member managed to enter with her album soloist to the chart Billboard 200where it also managed to position itself within the Top 10, obtaining the seventh position in the popularity list.

Why is this fact so special? This is the first time that a solo K-Pop singer has placed in the Top 10 of the chart, but she is also the one who has obtained the highest position in this list. WOW!

TWICE’s Nayeon Reaffirms The Talent And Popularity Of Female Idols

Although the boy groups and girl groups Consistently appearing on the Billboard 200 chart, it’s less common to see K-Pop soloists on the chart, but Nayeon managed to break through with great success and establish a new recordsetting a precedent for future releases.

So among the many achievements of the TWICE idol for her solo debut, she now adds that she is the first Korean singer to enter the Billboard 200 with a solo album in more than 10 years, because the last time that happened was in the 2009.

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