TWICE’s Nayeon Succeeds With Her Album IM NAYEON On Spotify 2022 #Celebrity

A week ago TWICE’s Nayeon surprised both ONCE and K-Pop fans with her first solo album called IM NAYEON. In which, its main theme POP! it quickly became one of the public’s favorite songs of the summer. The popularity of her new album is so great that she has achieved several achievements on Spotify.

The new album of Nayeon of TWICE is a success. IM NAYEON has proven to have a high number of sales and views, especially on the music platform Spotify where their streams have led her to get several Titles new.

ONCE was completely taken with IM NAYEON, TWICE’s Nayeon’s first solo album. With upbeat and catchy songs, the idol demonstrated her great talent and stage presence, leaving fans completely in love with her.

POP!, the singer’s lead single has also achieved several milestones, racking up millions of views in its first week of release. What achievements has the South Korean obtained?

IM NAYEON is the most streamed K-Pop female solo album of 2022

TWICE’s Nayeon’s solo debut is a success. Only in its first week since its launch, it has already obtained an important title for its large number of streams on Spotify, demonstrating all the power of ONCE.

IM NAYEON became the album by a Korean solo artist the most number of streams on Spotify in 2022. Exceeding the 23 million of streams, it is the most successful album in its first week by a K-Pop soloist.

Similarly, his album enters the TOP 5 of best debuts in their first week of K-Pop so far this year. Surpassed by BTS, TXT and Stray Kids, taking fourth place. Without a doubt, a great achievement for the Korean.

POP! Nayeon’s song surpasses 10 million streams in its first week on Spotify

On the other hand, POP! became the second song by a female K-Pop act with the best first week on Spotify this 2022. Being surpassed only by IVE’s Love Dive. Without a doubt, all of Nayeon’s new album has been a success and her streams prove it.

Similarly, in Spotify Japan the song became the most successful K-Pop solo debut, peaking at #19 on the country chart. An achievement that no other South Korean artist had achieved so far. Congratulations!

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