V dances About Damn Time by Lizzo and Inspires A TikTok Challenge 2022 #Celebrity

One of the news that excited ARMY a lot was about the creation of weekly vlogs of each member of BTS. The first to share the video of him was Taehyung and it was a car ride as he listened to many of the songs he currently enjoys including About Damn Time by Lizzo. Song with which he ended up creating a new video challenge.

V from BTS was the protagonist of BTS’s first vlog and shared with ARMY a whole day of his life while walking and listening to music. Among the songs that he listened to and enjoyed the most is About Damn Time of the american singer Lizzo. Accidentally creating a new trend.

ARMY was delighted with each of Taehyung’s vlog moments, who enjoyed a pleasant day despite having to visit the dentist. During his video, he listened to all kinds of songs but one of the ones he enjoyed the most was Lizzo’s hit About Damn Time.

Previously, Lizzo and BTS have been shown to have a friendship close, the singer has mentioned that she texts from time to time with J-Hope and they have been seen together at different concerts. For that reason, that V enjoys her music so much is no surprise to her fans.

BTS’s V listened to About Damn Time while driving and dancing

During his vlog, BTS’s Taehyung shared with ARMY the songs he currently enjoys the most, as well as discussing his future plans and what he wants to do in his solo career. Likewise, he couldn’t help but show how much he loves music, letting the beat of About Damn Time take hold of him and dance to the rhythm of the song.

As soon as About Damn Time started playing Lizzo Taehyung began to shake his head as a sign of enjoying the music and from one moment to another he began to play with the cameras placed in the car to record the vlog, inadvertently creating a new trend for the song. This is how V enjoyed the music:

Lizzo did a duet with Taehyung dancing About Damn Time like him

On the other hand, Lizzo He did not miss the opportunity to enjoy his song with V from BTS and as soon as he saw how he danced to his song he made sure to give him a duet imitating each of the idol’s movements, then adding a sweet comment of ‘Vizzo’, the combination of their names. With the approval of the author of this song, some fans have started to imitate the steps that Taehyung created for About Damn Time. Have you already tried this challenge?

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