V Inspired A Vinyl Painting for Environment Day

BTS: The great influence of Bangtan Sonyeondan is undeniable and every day idols inspire more and more projects and people. On this occasion, it is V who will star in a new vinyl painting by plastic artist and activist Lee Yu Ri, who will give a special exhibition for Environment Day.

V of BTS it turned into a vinyl paint thanks to the plastic artist Lee Yu Ri. This painting will belong to a special exhibition that will be shown on environment day and will feature the portraits of various celebrities from the Korean industry.

Fans of BTS’s Taehyung are aware that the idol alone looks like a work of art, but they can’t help but get emotional when artists use his face of inspiration to create iconic works.

For this reason, upon learning that V was the inspiration for a plastic artist, they showed great joy and admiration through social networks. Happy that the idol was immortalized in a vinyl painting. Especially for the background of this interesting exhibition.

Taehyung will have a vinyl art painting to be exhibited on Environment Day

One of the photos of BTS’s Taehyung with blue hair became the muse of the plastic artist and activist Lee Yu Ri. Which will be shown in the exhibition ‘Celebrity Expressed in Vinyl Art’, which will be at the Cultural Center of the River Yeongsan KWECO for Environment Day.

In this work, Taehyung can be seen wearing his striking blue hair that he wore during 2019. The exhibition in which he will appear draws attention because Lee Yu Ri, the author of the painting, works by mixing leftover vinyl paintthis in order not to waste extra paint and create more contaminants.

The way in which Lee Yu Ri recycles all her resources to create her works was what led her to have an exhibition for the environment daywhich will be available from June 5 to June 26. No doubt, many fans will come to take a picture with Taehyung.

What other celebrities will appear at the exhibition where BTS’s V painting will be?

In addition to BTS’s V, other faces that can be seen at artist Lee Yu Ri’s exhibition will include famous singer and actress IU, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Tokyo 2020 champion Olympic archer Ansa. Without a doubt, it will be a very striking exhibition. Would you like to go see her?

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