V, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum Stole All The Attention at Fashion Week 2022 #Celebrity

Paris Fashion Week has had very special moments, but nobody wanted to lose sight of Celine’s parade. All eyes were on V, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum, who we finally saw pose together for the cameras.

Yesterday we told you that the Celine Fashion Show which the three Korean stars would attend, was carried out with great success, a huge dose of glamor and a multitude of fans who gathered outside the venue to see at least for a moment V, Lisa and Park Bo Gum.

Until that time, we had had updates from the member of BTS the idol of BLACKPINK and the korean actor, but each on their own. We saw them from their arrival at Incheon airport, posing next to a private jet and creating memories in France, but the most anticipated was their appearance in the same frame.

Each of these celebrities arrived at the event on their own and got out of their cars to make their way to Celine’s fashion show, but shortly after they would go out again to greet fans and take some high-impact photos, where this time the three appeared. together.

No one shines brighter than V, Lisa and Park Bo Gum at Celine’s show in Paris

When the Korean stars appeared in front of the fans’ eyes, it was more than clear that the audience was gathered there for them, so the shows of affection for them were not lacking at any time, while simultaneously the cameras did not stop follow them from one place to another.

V, Lisa and Park Bo Gum They thanked the fans for their attention with greetings, adorable gestures and even air kisses or small dances, making all eyes on them more than delighted.

The impact of Lisa, V, and Park Bo Gum’s appearance together was on a grand scale.

It was no surprise that after their appearance together in photos of Taehyung, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum charmingly posing, photos of these artists swept the internet, making it clear that netizens from all over the world were paying attention to what was happening. at Celine’s fashion show Paris Fashion Week.

In the same way, media headlines from around the world did not hesitate to mention these idols, emphasizing their great fashion sense and the impact of finally seeing them together.

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