V Reveals A Secret From BTS’s Performance at The GRAMMYs 2022 #Celebrity

BTS has had many important moments throughout this year and their attendance at the Grammy Awards is part of the list, the idols received a standing ovation after singing Butter, but the presentation hides some secrets and V took it upon himself to re-reveal them.

It was at the beginning of the year when the members of BTS traveled to Las Vegas, where in addition to giving several successful Permission To Dance On Stage concerts, they also attended the delivery of the Grammy awards where they were nominated for the second time.

K-Pop idols prepared a presentation very original of its simple butterwhich received applause for all the performance, the dance and the creativity that it included.

But not everything is what it seems and, since there was a lot of curiosity about what we saw on stage, taehyung shared in an interview some secrets about what we did not see of the performance

Taehyung and Olivia Rodrigo’s performance at the GRAMMY Awards was impromptu

One of the moments that grabbed the attention was the surprising interaction that V and Olivia Rodrigo they had before the song started. The singer He approached to whisper something in her ear and then showed a magic trick, but that moment almost didn’t happen, because in reality it was totally improvised and it was decided that same day.

According to the BTS member, that was an idea from the organizers of the GRAMMYs, so he didn’t know who he would sit next to for the performance. what did you say v a Olivia Rodrigo at the awards? The idol He confessed that he did not really say anything and only pretended that he did, because he was too worried about keeping track of the times so that everything went according to plan. OMG!

This movie inspired V to perform in Butter’s skit at GRAMMYs 2022

Although there was a 007-style secret agent vibe throughout the performance, Taehyung confessed that he was inspired by the movie for the acting and magic tricks. Now You See Mealso known as Illusionists.

Those tapes were what motivated him to act as he did and while performing his performance he thought about the emotions that the actors conveyed by including their magic tricks in totally random moments.

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