V Reveals What Was The Hardest Thing About Filming Yet To Come

BTS: With the recent premiere of BTS’s Yet to Come, the members of the group have begun to release material from the recording set. Especially Taehyung, who didn’t hesitate to share videos on Instagram about what it was like to shoot the music video and the challenges she had to face to get the best shots.

BTS premiered his new MV Yet to Come, which included different scenes that were previously seen throughout his career as a tribute. Nevertheless, V had to face scenarios that were a big challenge for him and with good reason.

With the premiere of Yet to Come, ARMY felt a hit of excitement and nostalgia as they recalled various scenarios that had been previously seen in BTS music videos. Although several different scenarios appear in the middle of a desert, Taehyung was the one who had to film the most complicated scenes.

Many ARMYs were proud of the singer’s professionalism and couldn’t help but show their concern after seeing the behind-the-scenes videos shared by Taehyung.

Taehyung shared videos of his experience filming Yet to Come

Through his Instagram account, BTS’s V shared videos of what it was like to record the MV for Yet to Come. From following each of the director’s orders in detail to having to endure a whole sandstorm.

In the first video, you can see how the direct is giving you instructions so that the scene is exactly the same as the one they seek to reference in their video. For that reason, the director took Taehyung to repeat the same scene several times until you get the perfect shot, which appears in Spring Day, 2017 music video.

V weathered a sandstorm for the perfect shot for Yet to Come

On the other hand, one of the most difficult scenes for Taehyung was the one where he was in the middle of a sandstorm, posing as if nothing was really happening around him. The idol shared through his Instagram account the video where he is seen wrapped in sand. You can see it here:

Through Weverse, a fan thanked Taehyung for recording such a beautiful scene, assuring that it was surely very difficult for him to stay in the middle of that sandstorm. To which the idol took the opportunity to reply that 500 grains of sand they ended up inside their eyes that day, adding a little crying face.

Shortly after he shared through Twitter, a funny photograph in which he appears with goggles showing that after recording he sought to protect his eyes at all costs. Without a doubt, V will always be a very professional artist.

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