V Reveals When and Where His Group Tattoo Will Be Done 2022 #celebrity

RM showed his first tattoo to ARMY and it was soon revealed that BTS idols would have a group tattoo, Taehyung doesn’t have his yet but told ARMY about his plans to do so.

As we have already told you, June is a very special month for BTS, the members of the group celebrate the ninth anniversary since their debut and they are also back with a new album. What better time than now for idols show their friendship more than ever?

That is why the K-Pop band has once again surprised its fans, because to begin with, a few days ago RM published a photograph where he showed off a number 7 tattooed on his ankle, this being his first tattoo.

However, for a long time the interpreters of dynamite They told fans of their plans to get a group tattoo, so suspicions were raised and confirmed when Jimin recently showed off his. Now v shared with fans BTS where will you have yours?

Taehyung confirms that BTS is getting a group tattoo, when will it be his turn?

Recently, V made a live broadcast to greet ARMY and fans asked him if he also had a number 7 tattooed somewhere on his body. The idol responded in the negative, but confirmed that the group was slowly coming together in a group tattoo and said:

I still don’t have the friendship tattoo

However, what is a fact is that if you are planning to do this stroke on your skin and when you finally decide, you will go with Jungkook To do it.

Where will Taehyung’s tattoo with a number 7 be?

This is precisely the dilemma that has prevented V from getting his friendship tattoo with BTS, since the idol has considered different alternatives of where to place his tattoo and none of them completely convinces him.

The singer jokingly shared some alternatives of where his tattoo could be, as he wants it not to be too obvious, so he said:

Below my left buttock, below my belly button, on top of my head, or below my big toe.

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