V Shares Photos in Paris, What is He Doing on His Trip? 2022 #Celebrity

Very soon we will see V at the CELINE show in Paris Fashion Week, but before that, this K-Pop singer is creating pleasant memories in France, fully enjoying his stay in that country.

As we have already told you, several Korean entertainment celebrities were invited by CELINE to attend her parade at the Paris Fashion Week, v He is one of the K-Pop idols who wears their designs and has created a special bond with the fashion house, so he could not miss the event.

But Taehyung landed in France early and therefore has had time to enjoy the view, the music and capture his experiences through photographs, which he did not hesitate to share with fans.

Here we tell you about all the Photos that the idol of BTS has made known about his anecdotes before Paris Fashion Week.

BTS’s V looks like a model in Paris, conquers ARMY with his look

The idol He seems to feel very comfortable in his hotel and has enjoyed incredible views, so on several occasions he has gone out on the terrace to get some fresh air and observe everything around him.

However, something that stands out in the images is that the singer looks like a model…

In addition, we have seen photos inside this site, either with selfies or even funny moments starring the singer.

Taehyung went to a club and saw a rap show before Paris Fashion Week

In other updates k pop idolshowed us a bit of his visit to a nightclub where there was a music show, so we get to see a bit of what V was able to witness and we also get to know his reaction to a rapper’s performance.

But Taehyung he barely arrived in the city of Paris, so we will still see much more of this singer before, during and after the CELINE fashion show.

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