VERIVERY Will Hive A Concert in Mexico for its world tour PAGE:0 2022 #Celebrity

K-Pop will continue to come to America with different groups. KARD and Dreamcatcher recently toured different cities in South America. In addition to that (G)I-DLE and OMEGA X will also be presented in the coming months in Mexico. Another group that joins the concerts in Mexico is VERIVERY, who announced dates for October in our country.

VERIVERY will come to America with his concert tour PAGE:0, the group’s first world tour. This is what is known until the moment of his concert in Mexico and different countries of the American continent.

K-Pop continues to increase in popularity and more and more groups are performing in different countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, among others. VERIVERY will be the next group to perform in Mexico, this is what is known until the moment of their concert.

Price, date and where will be the VERIVERY concert in Mexico

The group VERIVERY will have his first concert in mexico the October 16 of this year, completely exciting the fans of this group. Since it will be another of the K-Pop groups that visit Aztec land this year.

So far, it is known that the group will perform at the BlackBerry Auditorium on October 16 this year. As part of his world tour PAGE:0. On the other hand, the costs of the tickets and dates of sale have not been revealed. In turn, the benefits that VIP tickets will have are unknown.

Similarly, the group will be in Santiago de Chile on October 14 as part of his world tour. VERIVERY’s official website revealed that the exact date of Latin American ticket sales and costs will be revealed in the coming days.

In which Latin American cities will VERIVERY perform in concert?

K-Pop group VERIVERY will start their world tour in the next few days and as part of PAGE:0 they will have concerts in 16 cities different from the United States and Latin America. Completely exciting the fans of this continent.

Starting in mid-September, VERIVERY will begin its tour in the United States, where it will visit a total of 14 cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can see the full concert dates here.

The tickets sale in the United States it will begin on August 5. So far it has not been announced when the sale of tickets will begin in Latin America.

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