Very Original ITZY Yuna Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Great 2022 #celebrity

ITZY: If you love ITZY’s looks on or off stage, then surely you’ve thought about recreating one of their styles. We present you some Yuna hairstyles that you will love to wear every day.

Since their debut, the members of this girls group They stood out for many of their qualities. Their energy on stage, their vocal and dancing talent, as well as the girl power they transmit, but something that we cannot ignore are their incredible looks.

But although the outfits of ITZY they are always amazing hairstyles that these K-Pop singers wear in every rehearsal, performance or live broadcast can become our inspiration.

Today we choose some hairstyles that And one He has worn it on different occasions, but all of them are very creative and are perfect to wear on a casual day.

ITZY: Creative Hair Styling Ideas Inspired by Yuna

The first hairstyle is to make a high half ponytail, leaving small strands of hair in front. The upper part will be tied as if it were a bun but without tightening it too much, so that some hairs remain loose. To complement, slightly curl your hair creating waves.

Separate your hair into two, each one should be tied leaving some strands in front. Once you have both pigtails, add some curls to make your hairstyle look spectacular.

This Yuna look is adorable, you need to part your hair into two again. Tie two pigtails and make a braid in each of them. Now bring the bottom part (where the braid ends) up and join that area of ​​hair to where you originally tied the ponytail. Join them and add a ribbon to decorate.

For this hairstyle you must hold your hair in a ponytail at the bottom of your head, making sure that it is a little to the side. Tie the end of a ribbon around the rubber band you used, letting the other end of this accessory fall next to your hair. Now make a braid, but instead of separating your hair into 3, just separate it in halves and use the ribbon as if it were the third strand.

Again it is a hairstyle where you must separate your hair in two, but this time you do not need to tie it, take each half to the side and, from the bottom of your head, start braiding it. Leave a few strands of hair on your forehead, and if the braids are too thin, you can loosen them up a bit to create the impression that they are wider.

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