Was TXT in Danger At Their ACT: Love Sick concert in Dallas? 2022 #Celebrity

TXT fans erupted against BIG HIT Entertainment after the incident that the group had during the presentation of ACT: LOVE SICK in Dallas, the reason was because an apparently drunk man was following the group through various parts of the building. Why were the fans so angry?

TXT had a concert in Dallas as part of his US tour ACT: LOVE SICK. Although the concert was full of happy and fun moments, one in particular provoked the fan anger present, who demanded explanations from their agency.

MOA was concerned about the safety of TXT after discovering that an apparently intoxicated man was following the members during the concert, to such an extent that he climbed on stage. Action that made MOA wonder where was the group security?

A man put TXT in danger after getting on stage to follow them

During TXT’s concert in Dallasthe members had an incident that provoked the fury of the fans, because a men in an apparent state of intoxication decided get on stage where the group was to approach them and try to greet them.

Although the man was not violent, the fact that the Security elements of the place taking so long to react annoyed the fans too much. Well, the lord could have attacked the members when he was so close to them. In several videos shared by fans you can see how the man went on stage calmly and lasted several seconds in front of the members before the staff pulled him by the hand.

On the other hand, fans noted that the men was moving around various parts of the building, Following to the members of TXT when greeting fans from other sections. MOAs was quite upset to find out that security did nothing about it to stop the gentleman moving between sections. You can see how he followed Hueningkai in the video below.

MOA demands BIG HIT Entertainment put more security on TXT during their tour

Noting that the security did not do much during the concert and after the group received death threats against Beomgyu and Hueningkai, fans are very annoying with the TXT agency for not having greater security at their concerts and demand that the group be treated with respect. Asking for greater care that BIG HIT has with the group. What’s your opinion about it?

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