Watch out for SHIB and 5 Altcoins: Whales and Investors on the Rise!

In the last few days, the crypto market has changed its color scheme and mostly turned green again. As investors return to the bullish mood, it seems like whales are getting active. SHIB and 5 altcoins are rising again with big whale transactions.

DOGE, MATIC and UNI made significant gains

While Ethereum has been growing faster than Bitcoin since last week, many big investors, often referred to as whales, have turned their attention to projects where their power reserve has yet to run out.

As Santiment points out, altcoins like DOGE, MATIC, and UNI have recorded significantly large capital inflows. The number of transactions exceeding $100,000 with the participation of these altcoins has increased many times over the past week. Thus, it caused a corresponding price action. Over the past few days, Polygon (MATIC) price has increased by 71.15%, Dogecoin (DOGE) is up 26% and continues to rise.

Cardano, Dogecoin and SHIB gain the trust of long-term investors

ADA, DOGE, and SHIB are leading the rise among the top 20 cryptos, with gains of 10.78%, 14.77% and 12.26% respectively. Cardano (ADA) price gained 24.79% last week. It is currently trading at $0.52. Meanwhile, the company behind Cardano has become a new member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Mongolia. This move was also endorsed by Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson.

AmkNews.comAs you’ve been following, the Cardano DeFi ecosystem also saw big entries in the previous week. Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) gained 23.41% and 27% respectively in the past week. Additionally, Dogecoin is looking forward to the upcoming release of Dogecoin Core update 1.14.6.

Investors predict ‘long-term exit’

According to Santiment, “investors change their settings and get a sense of a long-term breakout after a dominant Bitcoin on Tuesday.”

Bitcoin’s price hit intraday highs of $24,004.48 on July 20. It then paved the way for the third day of rising prices in a row. This is true of alternative cryptocurrencies or “altcoins” that maintain a close relationship with the Bitcoin price. Also, the Crypto Greed and Fear Index, which measures investor sentiment, went from “extreme fear” to “fear”. It rose to 31, the highest level since April, and showed a sense of improvement.

Fundamentals fuel strong projects even more

On the other hand, Polygon recently announced its partnership with Disney. Given the company’s hundreds of billions of dollars in capital, this partnership is very important to Polygon. As for Dogecoin, until recently there was little news about the most popular meme coin. The team is currently preparing for Dogecoin Core 1.14.6.

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