Whales Bought A Lot From This Altcoin!

Altcoin: In the midst of market sales, TRON (TRX) continues to gain momentum. TRX was the biggest gainer this month. In the last 24 hours, altcoin whales have bought a sizable amount of TRX instead of SHIB.

TRX surpasses SHIB and Bitcoin

According to Whale Alert data, whales have purchased approximately $293 million worth of TRX in multiple transactions. Major wallets have also transferred 3.56 billion TRX tokens from Binance to anonymous wallets. Transactions took place in 2 mails, totaling $76 million. On May 30, 2022, a whale purchased TRX worth approximately $87.7 million. In its largest transaction, it transferred approximately 960 million TRX from Binance to an anonymous wallet. Whale Alert quotes his log in the tweet below.

Currently, TRX is trading at an average of $0.06399. It left behind the rising trend of the last days with a slight correction. However, it is still 20% valuable compared to last month. Major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum fell 17% and 29% respectively during this time.

Whales Bought Loads of This Altcoin Instead of SHIB

TRON DAO expands its membership roster

TPS Capital, the official over-the-counter (OTC) desk of Three Arrows Capital, was previously named the eighth member of the TRON DAO Reserve. The reserve had previously included the Falconx network in its member lists. TRON CEO Justin Sun also said that next week will bring some important updates to USDD.

Justin Sun's Company Has Purchased These 2 Cryptocurrencies!

In light of the TerraUSD collapse, TRON’s stablecoin USDD showed it could be successful. Now as the crash is compensated, the entire supply of USDD has increased to $601 million. The 24-hour trading volume is $62 million.

The total value of TRON Blockchain, which was frozen during the market crisis, increased thanks to this rise. Last month, TRON’s TVL rose almost 50%. The total value locked in is currently $5.9 billion. Yet Ethereum continues to have the highest TVL.

USDD continues to trade below $1

USDD has been trading below $1 for over a week. It fell as low as $0.943 on Monday. Meanwhile, the Tron DAO Reserve account on Twitter announced multiple crypto asset acquisitions to protect the crypto ecosystem. On Monday, Tron DAO Reserve announced that it has added ten million USDC to “protect the overall blockchain industry and crypto market.” Tron DAO Reserve also says that a certain percentage of volatility is “inevitable.” AmkNews.com As we quoted, in a recent tweet, Tron noted:

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