What Does Stray Kids think of Bang Chan? They Reveal What They Think About Him

Bang Chan: In the world of K-Pop, each group has a leader, who is usually the oldest or most responsible member. Although on many occasions the members tend to be mischievous with the leader, the way Stray Kids sees Bang Chan made Stay too soft. How did they describe it?

Bang Chan is the leader of Stray Kids and is constantly seen taking care of each of his companions. In addition to being an excellent music producer, the members of his group have a special look when it comes to describe it.

Stay is aware of how special Bang Chan is to the group and they can’t help but admire the leader of Stray Kids. So they couldn’t help but get excited to find out how their groupmates see it. Proving once again that he is one of the best leaders of the fourth generation of K-Pop.

What is it that makes Bang Chan so special? Stray Kids answered in a few words how they would describe him and what are the qualities that the group leader stands out for.

What do Stray Kids think of Bang Chan? His words touched Stay

In an interview for Nikkei Entertainment magazine, each of the Stray Kids members had to dedicate a few words to their peers and describe the way they viewed them. When it was time to describe the leader, the group did not hesitate to dedicate the sweetest words to Bang Chan.

The first was Lee Know who praised Bang Chan’s physique confirming that he has great shoulders. Changbin mentioned that he saw the leader as a very responsible kangaroo with the skill level of a full tank. On Hyunjin’s part, he couldn’t help but mention that he had a huge body.

To Han, Bang Chan has a cuddly baby face and very broad shoulders. Felix mentioned that he looks up to the idol because he is a music producer and is the leader of Stray Kids. Seungmin mentioned that he is a trustworthy and kind leader, as well as talking about his broad shoulders. Lastly, IM talked about how Bang Chan is a complete leader and has a charming smile.

Bang Chan always takes too much care of Stray Kids

The Stray Kids leader has always been seen to continuously take care of the Stray Kids members. From when they’re acting naughty and fidgety during interviews, to when they’re crying at concerts. Bang Chan never leaves them alone and that is what has made him a great leader who has the admiration and affection of each of the members of his group. What do you think of Bang Chan?

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