What Dramas is Your Cast Currently Working On? 2022 #Celebrity

Vagabond was one of the dramas that caused the most emotions in K-Drama lovers in 2019. With an intense story in which Lee Seung Gi is willing to do anything to avenge the death of his nephew and discover the whole truth after his accident . Three years after its premiere, the protagonists continue to work actively in the world of Korean entertainment. These are your new projects.

Vagabond it’s a drama of action and intrigue that tells the story of a man who loses his nephew in a plane crash. However, this accident seems to have been ’caused’ by someone and an intense investigation will begin to avenge the death of his nephew.

With the leading role of the famous actor Lee Seung Gi along with the beloved actress Bae Suzy, this drama showed a very interesting facet of the actors, in which both proved to have everything necessary to create an intense drama with dozens of action scenes that accelerate. the pulse of all the spectators.

With these incredible performances, you surely wished to see a little more of this drama. For that reason, these are some of the jobs that the protagonists of this exciting story are currently working on.

K-Dramas in which the cast of Vagabond appears in this 2022

If you saw Vagabond and want to see how the acting career of the main actors in history has evolved, these are the dramas they are currently working on and that will completely excite you.

In Vagabond, this renowned actor played Cha Dal Gun. He is currently filming Love According to Law, a romantic law drama in which he will play a former prosecutor who rents his building for a coffee shop that will also serve as a law firm for a former schoolmate and enthusiastic lawyer. It is expected to be released in August this year. Stay tuned!

In Vagabond, Suzy played Go Hae Ri. A few days ago, her new drama called Anna premiered. An intense story of intrigue and lies in which she is the protagonist. A woman named Yu Mi who, thanks to a lie, manages to mix with the Korean elite and is willing to give everything to maintain her new position of power. You can see the trailer here:

The actor who gave life to Gi Tae Woong is currently in the drama Doctor Lawyer. Where he plays Jaden Lee. This drama is about a doctor who gives up his medical career to start working as a medical malpractice lawyer.

Where can I watch the full Vagabond drama?

Vagabond is currently available through the streaming platform Netflix and it’s perfect for binge-watching any day of the week, because each one of the chapters will completely captivate you and want you to watch one more until the series is over.

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