What Happened in Episodes 9 and 10? 2022 #Celebrity

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: This Wednesday, Netflix shared two new episodes of the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, where fans were able to enjoy the new advance of the relationship between Woo Young Woo and Lee Junho, in addition to noticing a new stage as the protagonist’s lawyer.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has new episodes in Netflix, and in these could be seen further progress in the story surrounding Woo Young Woo, especially in his relationship with Lee Junho. What happened in each of them?

One of the most popular dramas of the moment Extraordinary Attorney Wooa story about the life of Woo Young Wooa lawyer with an autistic spectrum who is willing to show that she has everything it takes to deliver justice as a lawyer, in addition to gradually discovering new stages in her interpersonal relationships.

Although Netflix the series is a couple of episodes behind compared to South Korea, the episodes are available in both Korean and Latin Spanish dubbing. What happened in this week’s episodes?

Woo Young Woo had a complicated case in chapter 9 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo

In this episode 9, Woo Young Woo faces a case in which a man is accused of kidnapping several minors and taking them to a forest. This case becomes very significant for Woo Young Woobecause he quickly empathizes with the accused, who calls himself the savior of children.

The story takes place in the midst of the accusations against the man and how the lawyers seek to find a solution for the case, even talking to the minors, who end up having a very hard life because of the expectations of their parents and school.

While this case is going on, the relationship between Woo Young Woo and lee junho continues to change, after Woo Young Woo’s confession in which Lee Junho did not answer anything, the lawyer seeks to behave more kindly and gentlemanly with him, trying to discover what his true feelings are, giving fans sweet and fun moments between them.

Woo Young Woo and Lee Junho’s relationship grows in episode 10

On the other hand, in the episode 10, after Lee Junho’s confession to Woo Young Woo, the relationship between the two continues to change. Especially because of the case that Woo Young Woo will have to face, where a man is accused of sexual assault against a person with a disability.

In this chapter, Woo Young Woo she can’t help but feel identified, especially because the ‘victim’ is a young woman similar to her, who fell in love with the boy and started dating him. As she watches their relationship, Woo Young Woo wonders what kind of relationship she could have with him. Lee Jun Ho.

This episode is very special for the lovers of this couple, because while they talked about their reciprocated feelings, they agreed that they would start dating and their relationship advanced a little more, completely exciting the viewers. To such an extent that the expected first kiss between the protagonists arrived. Have you seen the episodes?

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