What Happened in The Final Episode of The Drama?

Drama: Are you watching the dramas airing this season? Sh**ting Stars conquered fans from the beginning with its humor and romance, the story came to an end and here we tell you the highlights of the closing of the plot.

Among the premieres we have seen this year in the world of dramas several stories have managed to stand out for the charm of their characters and Sh**ting Stars is one of them, but after 16 episodes the production came to an end and said goodbye with a spectacular closing.

The K-Drama starred Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Daepremiered in South Korea through the tvN signal and reached the rest of the world through streaming platforms.

Sh**ting Stars tells the story of a boy who is now a popular star in the world of entertainment: Gong Tae Sung. He is usually the center of attention but his PR team is the one who really knows his personality. He and Oh Han Byeol seem destined to hate each other, until love knocks on their door.

Sh**ting Stars had a very happy and romantic ending for everyone

Throughout the plot, we saw the protagonists get closer and not only stopped being enemies, but also fell deeply in love and had a hard time hiding their true feelings, especially due to Tae Sung’s level of popularity.

The drama Sh**ting Stars ended when, despite fears, Gong Tae Sung goes public with his relationship with Oh Han Byeol by making it known to the public, so they seal their love with a kiss. AWW!

What happened to the rest of the Sh**ting Stars characters?

Although we loved the closure of the main couple, there were many characters that conquered us throughout the story, who deserved an iconic ending.

You’ll be glad to know that another important detail occurred when we saw all the characters principals closing the drama with their respective partners, so there was even a collective dinner that stole sighs.

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