What Happened to Jeonghan? The Idol Had Surgery 2022 #Celebrity

Jeonghan had to visit the hospital and undergo surgery, Pledis shared with fans all the details of the SEVENTEEN member’s health, recovery, and plans for the BE THE SUN tour.

Today, the company that represents the members of SEVENTEEN took the fans of the K-Pop group by surprise, as it released a statement announcing news about the Health of jeonghanwho is currently resting and prioritizing his recovery.

But what happened to the idol? According to the message of Pledis Jeonghan had a surgery just a few days ago, but now that everything is fine, they decided to reveal the details to fans.

Why did SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan have surgery? Your current health status

Jeonghan had surgery because he had previously suffered an injury to his right elbow, he had been receiving treatment but recently the pain increased and the SEVENTEEN member had to go to the hospital, where the doctors indicated that he should undergo surgery. operation.

The surgical process was carried out last Wednesday June 15 and concluded with total success, so now the idol of K-Pop is in recovery, this means that Jeonghan will have to wear a cast on his arm to protect this limb.

Will Jeonghan be at SEVENTEEN’s concerts? Pledis calms down CARAT

As you know, very soon SEVENTEEN will embark on an adventure as part of the tour world BE THE SUNbut recent updates sparked curiosity as to whether Jeonghan will be a part of the concerts.

Pledis pointed out that the singer is determined to comply with all scheduled activities as a group, but clarified that:

Your participation will be adjusted based on the circumstances, placing your recovery as the highest priority as recommended by the medical staff.

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