What Happens to Sun Oh and Who Does He Stay With?

Love Alarm: All fans expected a happy ending for Sun Oh at the end of Love Alarm, we tell you what really happened to this character so important to the history of K-Drama.

There is no doubt that it comes from the K-dramas a Netflix has made a big impact on international fans, now we can see a large number of new and old series on this platform, but one of the first original Korean dramas on the platform was Love Alarm.

The story starring Kim So-hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram It was all the rage from the start and the second season was also highly anticipated. Hwang Sun Oh He was one of the characters that captivated the most attention and the reasons are many.

The role played by Song Kang has not only great appeal, but also undeniable charisma and came into Kim Jojo’s life at a decisive moment, so together they starred in some of the sweetest moments in the plot. But what happened to sun oh at the end of the drama?

Who does Sun Oh stay with in Love Alarm 2?

In the first season of the drama, this character embarked on a romance with Kim Jojo, but sadly at the end of that stage in the series they parted ways. The second season It starts when Sun Oh is already dating Yuk Jo, but they both know that he is not really in love with this girl.

When the reunion of Kim So Hyun and Song Kang’s characters happens, the boy tries to win her back, but he is unsuccessful because she decides to give her love to Hye Yeong. It is so At the end of Love Alarm 2, Sun Oh stays with neither Jojo nor Yuk Jo.because he decided to end his girlfriend by telling her that she deserves to be with someone who truly loves her.

Love Alarm 3: Will the Korean drama have a sequel?

The story of the drama Love Alarm is based on a webtoon that bears the same name, but only part of the story was taken up to be brought to the screen, because even after the second season of the kdramathe original story was still being written.

This has led many to eagerly await a season 3 of the korean seriesbut so far there is no confirmed plan to carry out this project.

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