What Happens To Wanda At The End Of Doctor Strange 2? Theories And Possible Implications In The MCU

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: With the arrival of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on Disney+, many viewers are seeing one of the best UCM movies of recent years for the first time. For this reason, some of you may have been as surprised as I was when you saw the end of the film. Because my question is clear… Is Wanda Maximoff really dead? She Is she alive she and they hide it from us? To try to clarify this doubt, I am going to make a brief review of the theories that circulate on social networks, and you will choose the one with which you feel most identified.

The most plausible theories behind Doctor Strange 2

Is Wanda Maximoff alive?

It’s one of the more ‘realistic’ possibilities: with the Agatha Harkness series in production, it would be strange not to have Wanda Maximoff with us as much as she tried to take her own life by destroying every Darkhold in the multiverse. When the temple falls, some viewers saw a red flash, what if Scarlet Witch created an energy field to protect herself from all the falling debris? Could she have escaped to the Nexus of all realities, that space in which she can be hidden?

The question here would be how she will get back to her. She may return on her own, or be rescued by an outside character. In any case, it is possible that Wanda will be forgotten several films, and if she returns, she will do so in the future.

Has Wanda Maximoff died?

Of course, Wanda Maximoff may also be dead, and there are compelling reasons to think so: her fictional family, first created by her mind, and shared with another Wanda in the multiverse, was the main plot of the character. Now that the young people have passed away, and her husband has not returned (Visión Blanca is out there, but who knows where), it makes no sense for this woman to continue in the MCU. At least not from a plot point of view.

What if a new Wanda Maximoff comes?

The multiverse has opened a perfect door to change Wanda Maximoff: there are obviously an infinite number of them, and while some will remain sorceresses with a wicked mind, others may not be. What’s more, in Doctor Strange 2 we saw a Wanda who lives in peace with her children, and she was not killed. What if by fate, she is she ends up arriving on our Earth? What if it is someone else who comes to this reality in which the Avengers are set?

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